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5. Decide the ownership interests of each member
6. Decide the amount of capital each member will contribute.
7. Will any members be granted an interest solely for the performance of services?

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You may get an Operating Agreement either before or after prior to forming your LLC. In general, one is not required to have formed an LLC prior to getting an Operating Agreement. In fact, most attorneys tend to advise their clients to discuss the business terms of their venture before forming their entity.

It is generally considered far more efficient to have the owners agree on the business terms of their deal and draft and Operating Agreement prior to spending money on forming an LLC. In many cases, people have spent hundreds of dollars forming an LLC only to run into problems with their business partners over the terms of the deal. In those cases, not only have the owners spent money on forming an LLC which will not be operating a business, but now more money has to be spent on dissolving the entity.

Although, the LLC Operating Agreement does not have to be filed with any state agency, it is extremely important that you create an Operating Agreement for your LLC entity. Without the formality of an agreement, the basic operation of the LLC would be governed by state law, which may not be advantageous to the LLC, it members, or the business it conducts. In fact, some states like New York require an LLC to have an Operating Agreement.


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